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Because of HER Gratitude Journal

Because of HER Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude Journal | Self Care | Affirmation Journal 

Looking for a tool to help you acknowledge the joy in your life? This journal is a blank canvas waiting for your creativity.


Listed in this journal are names of historical Black, Brown & Indigenous women on pages of their birth month with their quotes and space for you to channel their energy and passion to trust and believe in yourself just as they did, AFFIRM HER aka YOU.


This journal can support with reminding you to take action to return kindness to your ancestors, elders, youth and most importantly yourself. You are a light to yourself and others and this tool helps you remember to be thankful and give gratitude.


  • Write down your goals
  • Write down your do to list
  • Write down what inspires you
  • Write down the women in your life that support you
  • Write down what you're grateful for
  • Write down your emotions
  • Write down your self care plan
  • Write down your challenges
  • Write down your needs
  • Write down how you will make sure your needs are met
  • Write down that thing that's been on your mind and you want to release it
  • Write down your intentions and aspirations in life
  • Write down letters to your past self
  • Write down about the women listed on each page. Do you know them?
  • There's so much more you can write about in this journal, just start.


 *Product does not replace therapy or a licensed medical professional if in a mental health crisis. The information in product is provided for general and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional and/or licensed advice.

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