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Black woman owned Intuitively HER, LLC is a community that creates a safe experience for women that want to create a better life for themselves. Our brand specializes in creation of self care - wellness products. This is especially catered to wellness driven women who are seeking tools for self-discovery, healing, and to transcend social constructs to create a life where they can be themselves confidently. By helping them navigate their healing journey through journaling & self care practices. Intuitively HER was "officially" founded in June 2021 by Ramika, birthed from her life experiences. For her, those experiences represented her deep feelings about wanting to go deeper with trusting herself and wanting others to trust themselves as well. A manifestation which was the realization that the time is now to share her gifts.
She found peace in healing from stressful environments and past trauma through taking better care of herself through self care. Therapy, journaling, and eating balanced meals. You're probably wondering what the "4" in the logo, the website name and social media handles is for? The "4" in Intuitively HER represents the core pillars of healing to ascension. That was part of what has helped her come out of some generational trauma and other toxic experiences; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually . Throughout her career, she's created safe spaces in which women started to find a community to get support, resources, and much more. To her, community is invaluable. That gave her the idea in May 2020 to take her experiences and research which she then created self-guided journals and affirmation cards to help others. It took a lot of research, meditation, healing, traveling, time, rest and the courage to share her gifts with the world and officially launch, but it's finally here!