Ego vs Spirit

Our ego is like a bodyguard which is protective and's from our mind. Our spirit is curious and's our intuition. We often struggle with having to be right and rarely do we come to answers together with one another. Even in collaboration some of us want to be the one that came up with "that idea." Win-lose instead of exploring common grounds so we listen for flaws to counter. Our opinions are not truths, our assumptions are not truths. What if we looked for new ways and options to get to know ourselves and each other? What does that look like? What toxic cycles are you choosing to perpetuate? Why? What pieces of yourself or others do you reject? What things can you not accept?

Our ego and spirit are necessary, but we need to be aware of when they are showing up and why. Does our ego or spirit show up when facing discomfort? Does our ego or spirit show up when we are triggered? These are some important questions we must ask ourselves when reflecting experiences with ourselves and others. Awareness...when to know how to communicate with others but most importantly ourselves.

Keep a journal to track and document these reflections on your feelings and thoughts to heal and ascend from your now. Psychology has found it takes 90 to 6 months to establish a new habit. Start now.

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